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Skip brought me in my best ever..

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  • Skip brought me in my best ever..

    Hey guys, I don't post much, more of a lurker I guess. But I thought I would take the time to post my about my experience with Skip.
    I've competed since 2002, and have done well locally. I've done Jr. Nats 4 times now with the first 2 as a bantam(both 3rds), Third time as a lightweight getting 10th.

    I took a year off to improve and gain size, but toward the end of last year I realized what I was doing and had done in the past wasn't working anymore. I knew I needed a different approach and started researching prep coaches. I put a lot of time into this and eventually, after speaking with 'Mental1' a second time about it, emailed Skip.

    Now since the DVD is out, most of you are aware of his approaches and mentality so I won't go much into that. But I will say that I learned a lot and that I came into the Jr.'s this year with a differnt package for certain. I looked the best I have ever looked this past Saturday and couldn't be more happy with the outcome.

    Thanks again Skip!

    2011 Jr. Nats. 2nd Place, Lightweights.

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    That is a fantastic result ! Congratulation man, you look absolutely fenomenal !

    And about Skip: he's the best in the business !!
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          Looking good dude!

          Well done


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            thanks guys.. it was a long, hard road but worth it in the end.
            Now time to sit down and make some new goals!

            btw. I didn't ask Skip before posting this... but taking a guy from 10th to 2nd has to be good for


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              Originally posted by Fitfire View Post
              thanks guys.. it was a long, hard road but worth it in the end.
              Now time to sit down and make some new goals!

              btw. I didn't ask Skip before posting this... but taking a guy from 10th to 2nd has to be good for
              congrats man! btw, how tall are you?
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                Damn you're a bigass lightweight!!


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                  Well, just based on the title of the thread...Im not surprised. But, going from 10th to 2nd took some serious dedication and hard work...and that showed in the pics.


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                    5'6" on a good


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                      well done man! You definitely look big for a lightweight! And yes from 10th to a very conditioned 2nd is good for business...
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                      2010 - INBF Naturalmania NYC- Open - 1st Heavyweight
                      2011 - INBF World Championships - Open - 3rd


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                        awesome job bro


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                          you looked great...I was following the JR. Nats play by play and right when I saw the pics of you I knew you were a top guy.


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                              that is an awesome jump from 10th to where you are. I love the way skip does his preps. I've watched longevity like 8 times. KEEP IT UP BRO.
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