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Anyone know any lifters IRL with ostomies?

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  • Anyone know any lifters IRL with ostomies?

    Hey guys,

    Kind of a personal question. I may need to get an ileostomy in the future. Does anyone here know anyone IRL that has succesfuly built a decent physique with an ileostomy, or who weight lifts fairly regularly with one??

    I know you will have to be careful with certain lifts like deads, squats, and things that require a lot of intra abdominal pressure, but for the most part there is such a variety of exercises be it free weights, machines, etc, that you would always be able to find a workable substitute.

    I know people like george farah and John Meadows had ileostomies at certain points, but only temporarily and mine would most likely be a permanent situation

    This would also make it easier for me to eat bigger/more as I would be getting a bag to rid myself of some bs digestive issues. On the bright side, stuff just runs right through you with a bag anyways so bloat from bulking would most likely not be as bad of an issue :P And you could literally see what slows down digestion, gives you bad reactions, etc isntead of having to go by feel and guess what it was that day that gave you issues