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high BUN levels a big concern?

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  • high BUN levels a big concern?

    About 6 months ago they were 28 ..range i think is 6-26. Last week they wre 29. The docs did not seem concerned and my creatinine was within the range, although in the high part.

    I have never had any kidney issues and I am definatley well hydrated. I take creatine 7g a day, and about 300g of protein.

    Should i be concerned about these BUN levels? Or do most bodybuilders have high BUN levels?

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    If my memory hasn't failed me, slight elevations may be fine. Creatinine levels are often high in relation to muscle mass and the BUN can be attributed to the higher protein levels usually consumed. Of course we didn't do any studies of renal testing on weightlifters in clinical chemistry, we did go over causes other than actual renal failure.