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Inguinal hernia advice/doctor recommendation

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  • Inguinal hernia advice/doctor recommendation

    I have an Inguinal hernia and am concerned about the repair itself and my lifting ability post-surgery. While I've done research on the surgery, repair techniques, and recovery, all the info I find is geared toward people with "normal" activity levels. I don't think "normal" applies to the activity level of most people on this site.

    I was hoping to hear from anyone here who has had the surgery. Maybe your experience/advice can help me chose the right doctor/technique to assure I can continue to lift heavy for many years going forward.

    I'm in Cleveland, OH so it would be really awesome if anyone had a recommendation for a doctor in the area as well.


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    Also, FWIW, I can't avoid the surgery any longer. Not only am I unable to lift without extreme pain, the hernia is pushing on the nerve to my left nut and it feels like my nut is in a nut cracker 24/7. Good times!

    My doctor is recommending a laparoscopic mesh repair. He says I can lift again in about 4 weeks.


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      I've not had the surgery, but assuming you get a skilled surgeon, the repaired area should be much stronger than before the hernia (with the mesh in place). That's especially the case with a lap surgery, as there is minimal trauma to the area to weaken it.
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        I had both sides plus umbilical done laproscopic, several years back. First week was a bitch but was back at my job as a firefighter 2 weeks after surgery. I wasn't lifting at the time, but I felt, I could have worked out moderately at 2 weeks and all out within a month. My surgeon told me do what ever you feel up to, you cannot tear the repair.
        I hope your recovery goes as well as mine- good luck.
        Another note sometimes still it can flare up and be a little painful, doesn't last too long. From talking to others doesn't sound too uncommon.


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          Check this out for some info...

          I hope this gives you a little info. If you have any questions let me know.
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