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  • Food Poisining

    Hey Guys,

    Just want to give everyone a head's up and be careful when eating meat, lol.

    I got food poisining last night from some exta lean ground beef, and it was horrible, I feel so tired and got a headache from being up most fo the night from it.

    I know alot of you guys including myself eat a fair amount of beef, especially DC'in it, just take the extra precautions when cooking it and never cross contaminate. I cooked that meat good and long lastnight till it was well done, but that didn't see to matter.

    I'm taking my beef back to the store, and I'm asking for my money back. :chair:

    I've never had this before and I hope none of you ever get it....
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    food poisoning sucks. hope you feel better soon
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      I have a headache, feel queezy & tired.

      Oh ya, I drank too many different things last night. :p

      Hope you're feeling better.
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        I got food poisoning a few weeks ago. Couldn't eat anything for 3 or 4 days, much less work out. Ended up losing about 15 pounds.


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          Ya its hard on me right now with this dieting down, I feel weak as a baby, its a challenge right now to just get out of bed and walk around. I hope everything is better tomorrow, my wife and I took the meat back and Health Canada is doing an investigation into the meat.
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