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Lin Wins The British Finals (Class and Overall)

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  • Lin Wins The British Finals (Class and Overall)

    Lin opened a can o' whoop ass today. Mad props for my hardest working client.


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    Congrats to her, she look fantastic in the last pics I saw of her!
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      @ Lin, you looked retardedly good in all the shots you posted up, cant wait to see what you were like at stage, Great job!

      @Skip, well done removing another clients skin haha.



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        Awesome, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
        2010 NPC North Star


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          Thats quite impressive...but not at all surprised b/c of her work ethic and dedication--not to mention who she has in her corner.

          Congrats Lin...

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            Congrats Lin! I'll second slide, from the looks of those last pics it would've been more surprising if you hadn't cleaned house! Way to go!


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              Very nice. What does that mean in terms of a pro card and such? No idea how it works in UK.


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                Congrats Lin!!!!!!!!!!

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                  WOW - Now this COOL. BAD ASS LIN!!!

                  Any more details would be GREAT!

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                  The Book Has Arrived!

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                    Awesome Job L1n, I'll say it here too, you are the epitome of hard work and dedication, that POP went to SUPERSONIC BOOM!
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                      That is fantastic news, awesome work !!!!!!!!

                      I guess the banana cake worked wonders !
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                        Grats, Lin!
                        ...playing Bingo at the Senior Center :shocked:


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                          Congrats Lin! Not only did you clean up but SKIP gave you public recognition that you are his hardest working client. Makes us all feel like we need to work harder lol. Great JOB!!!!


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                            Great Job Lin! Congrats
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                              Congrats the carrott curls must have worked a treat!!

                              you doing Universe then?