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  • Just a quick diet overview

    Right now Im 6'1, 205lbs and about 15-16% BF. I am looking to get my BF down to 10 so I can start a bulk and really pack on quality mass. Anyway right now I am on a modified 2-way split, doing cardio on off days except sundays I take off completely. Not looking for a personalized diet plan, just wanna make sure im on the right path and this looks good, thanks guys

    Meal 1 - 1 packet of Quaker oats and protein shake (55g pro, 42g carb, 2.5 fat, 470 cal)

    Meal 2 - PWO protein shake Cytosport CYTOGAINER 50 g pro,80g carbs, 600 cals, 5g creatine mono

    Meal 3 - 2 pieces grain bread, 2 cans tuna, low fat mayo, mustard (55g pro, 40g carb, 500 cals)

    Meal 4 - 8 oz grilled steak cubes and broccoli/cauliflower

    Meal 5 - 8oz Grilled chicken breast and broccoli with some type of low cal sauce/seasoning (50g pro, 3g fat, 330 cals)

    All other days I take out the PWO meal and add a protein shake before bed
    50g pro

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    I don't know what you were doing before, or what type of results you are seeing running this.... But I would say overall it looks alright.... the calories seem a tad low overall to me, but I don't know what you were doing before, so it's hard to say. Also without much fruits or vegetables in there I would make sure your taking a good multi-vitamin/mineral.
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      One thing that stands out is you don't seem to have enough fat. Add natural PB, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, cashews, almonds, fish oil, etc. where you can. They will help a lot.
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