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    Does anyone in the Virginia/Eastern Atlantic region know where I can get some of their stuff? Do they sell exclusively online?
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    I know shoprite has a lot of their stuff. Not sure if you've had it before but the peanut spread is absolutely horrid, so are the jell'ys. Anyone ever try the veggie spreads and pasta sauces?


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      I've had the maple, chocolate, caramel syrups and chocolate, caramel dips.

      I think regular Aunt Jamima Sugar Free syrup tastes better but the chocolate and caramel dips were decent to get through a craving.


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        @Mach: The jellies are "horrid"!?

        Man, I'm obsessed with 'em. Try putting some in your oatmeal. I haven't found one I dislike yet.


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          They are hit or miss. Usually a hit tho. Pancake syrup...fucking amazing! cant get enough of it. Thick and spicy BBQ...amazing. Peanut spread... Terrible as said above. Strawberry spread is great on toast. Ketchup is decent. Want to try the caramel and chocolate syrup soon hopefully. Shop rite is the only place I know that carries it.


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            Originally posted by Affliction View Post
            @Mach: The jellies are "horrid"!?

            Man, I'm obsessed with 'em. Try putting some in your oatmeal. I haven't found one I dislike yet.
            I saw Dusty was doing that, that's what gave me the idea to get em.

            I really just want the sauces, though man. BBQ, etc. I really don't like plain chicken, even if it's spiced well.
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              when it comes to oatmeal nothing beats the TP flavor packs!!!


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                everything they make is good except the PB and mayo
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                  Their chocolate syrup mixed with oatmeal is great. i just do cinnamon, splenda and the choco syrup every morning..

                  their fruit spreads are decent depending on which one you get

                  BBQ sauce is awesome

                  their Marinara is awesome too but they need to make a bigger bottle, its like 2 servings worth and its all gone.

                  pancake syrup is awesome

                  their caramel dip is my favorite of their dips...will get you thru a craving but nothing spectacular

                  i really want to try the caramel and strawberry syrup they have
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                    So.....Shop Rite, is the place I get it?
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                      ^^ From what I can tell they only have the jelly's, choc syrup, pancake syrup and PB. I would just call and askk, thats what I did