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Flex, Shawn and Kevin talk about some interesting stuff

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  • Flex, Shawn and Kevin talk about some interesting stuff

    Flex did not know much about diet until after he became a pro. They also talk about their training, how bench press is really the worst exercise for injury and more

    If you have got the time it is worth listening, and watching all four episodes
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    Thanks! Going to listen to it.
    1) Hit each muscle from multiple angles every w/o.
    2) NAno Vapor is a pre-workout MUST.
    3) Always train at least 6 days per week.
    4) Post workout Anabolic Halo stacked with Aplodan will really wake up those DMF's.
    5) DMF stands for "Dormant Muscle Fibers"
    6) A gallon of milk a day keeps the ecto's away!
    7) Always train wearing sunglasses.

    -Lee Salado


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      Good videos. I just wish Cedric McMillan didn't tell me to get ma ass down to the MD Supplement Super Store.


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        Good stuff
        "SET NO LIMITS"

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