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Protease enzyme supplementation

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  • Protease enzyme supplementation

    I was curious is anybody supplements with this in an effort to improve digestion, especially when protein is on the high side (2g/lb plus).

    Also, what do you use and how do you go about dosing it? I was looking into TP's Protease Enzyme specifically.

    Also, what would be the long term effects if one used protease enzyme with every meal? Just curious about whether or not the body's natural production of digestive enzymes would be hindered from long-term supplementation.


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    I add the protease enzyme complex to every order of protein from TP. I need all the help I can get b/c I also go for 2g/lb of protein. Also, I have started taking HCL with every meal (liquid/solid) and digestive enzymes with every solid meal. This is due to severe stomach issues I have had for years. Someone else will need to answer your other question about long term effects b/c I do not know.
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      Thanks for the input. Anybody else have other ideas on this?

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        I used to add it to all my TP protein. Pulled it out several months ago and haven't looked back.
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          I have noticed that anytime I add any sort of supposed "digestive aid" to any of my shakes or meals that it actually causes an upset stomach and bloating. This leads me to believe that they are least for me...