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Supplements to assist with Adrenals being reset?

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  • Supplements to assist with Adrenals being reset?

    I remember seeing a thread on here a while ago with OldCoach talking about adrenal glands and how to repair them... anyone know of great supplements to reset/repair adrenal sensitivity to things such as stimulants? and also to repair from overuse of such items?

    thanks fellas.

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    Personally, I like a serving of licorice root (non DGL) with double or triple the dose of adrenal glandulars first thing in the morning taken with a digestive enzyme and HCl. I usually buy Solaray glandulars just because they are inexpensive, decent quality and have support ingredients. I'm on this right now.

    Edit: You can order an adrenal test for about 160 bucks. It's done at home with 4 salivary samples.


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      Could you go more in depth with these adrenal glandulars ? I've never heard of them. Also the dosing ?



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        myself and others i have helped use Suma Root and Relora, and just go off the dosing on the bottle. it's nice esp after a contest when they are shot to repair them, usually feel great within a week though i keep it in for a good month. i am sure everyone is different according to the situation.
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          sent a pm to mountaindog1 (john meadows) he has some good stuff on this. Help me out a lot


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            Humanofort is plugged a ton over at another forum, but it may be partly because a lot of the admins stand to gain financially from sales of said product. However, I've used it and FELT it was a good immune/sleep/recovery boosting product, especially if you use things like ephedra/caffeine etc., but I have no quantitative results to point to other than a better feeling of well being.

            I'd love to hear John's recommendations as I go through periods of high stress in my life and would welcome any legitimate remedies for this.
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              thanks for the responses. I'll shoot Jon a message asap


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                Here's the article from John -


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                  Sorry Marty,

                  I'm at work so I just Googled glandulars for you and this page has some info http://www.allaboutnutritionalhealin...larsupplements

                  I would also take something to support the pituitary gland, since the pituitary releases adrenocorticotropin, which stimulates the adrenals to produce cortisol. Without a well functioning pituitary, I'm not sure any adrenal support would do much. Lecithin might help with this along with pituitary glandulars and maybe something along the lines of the following.


                  Read this:
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                    no problem Yes, thanks for the info


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                      My first contest I was about 2 months out and I was dead. I walked through my days like a zombie, never fully awake and pretty much half asleep the whole day.

                      I felt like I was in a fog and caffeine wouldn't do shit to wake me up anymore.

                      I finally stumbled across a product called RESET AD which is supposed to help reset your adrenal glands and your sensitivity to caffeine. Within 3 days of taking it I felt like I had 10x more energy than I did before and I amazing. I don't know how I would have made it without it.
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                        thanks fade. i see its by palo alto labs... i've liked some of the their prodcuts in the past. licorice root is in there too.. .i think the underlying thing is that bad boy lol


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                          Hi Marty. Number one - you can take all the supplements you want, but if you don't change what the underlying cause/stress is, it won't really work much. Is the person your helping not sleeping at all, do they have financial troubles that constantly stress over, is their wife cheating on them...etc etc..

                          I have had the most success with having people change their view on things that would normally stress them out. Read that article I wrote. It works.

                          Now their are good supplements too, I just want people to understand it's not the end all be all. Licorice root is excellent, as is 5-HTP (before bed), Vitamin C is needed (you'll see why in the article), and glandulars..well they do work well for some...

                          Take care my friend,
                          John Meadows
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                            One more thing...remember that what drains most people's adrenals, is not something like training hard for an hour a day, it's from constantly worrying about things..always being in a state of fight or flight...that is where the destruction occurs slowly but surely..

                            John Meadows
                            CSCS, CISSN
                            Creator of the Mountain Dog Diet


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                              read the article John. LOVED it. it makes complete sense. personally for myself is what I am after. everything is in check. my stress level is at an all time low.
                              I am, however, at my biggest and pushing the most weight I ever have, and finding myself tired even implementing planned breaks from the gym.

                              thanks a bunch for chiming in here again.