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    I also vote for Cissus. It has helped both my knees and shoulders while MSM/Chonondritine etc... mixes did nothing for me.



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      Originally posted by titanium_spine View Post
      It's interesting that I never-ever felt pain in the knees while squatting. But after 20 years of consistancy, they started to creak. If I knew what I know now, I should've stopped doing close-stance squats, and should've switched to wide-stance. I would've been much better off today...

      It's a good thing that you're more conscious than I was at your age. When I read that someones knees hurt from squatting, I used to laugh and ask myself "How can anyones knees hurt from a compound movement???!"

      Well, it's all about consistency...

      Although the genetical make-up also plays a huge roll... I've alwas been deadlifting heavy from the start, and I never had trouble with my back what-so-ever...

      ...on the other hand, any kind of extension movement for the triceps soon became pure hell... When I was young, I thought it will go away if I just pushed through it long enough... Never did... Eventually I just dropped them, and from then on I used only compound movements for the triceps (shoulder-width bench presses, floor dumbell presses, etc.)
      I just did squats and when my knees are tired afterwards I always worry that I'm messing them up. I do them on Friday so I can have 2 1/2 days of rest for my knees to recuperate more.

      I also freak out with the over/under grip on deads due to the video posted here of torn biceps.

      Scary to workout :twitch: