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Some DC training progress Late 09-Now

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  • Some DC training progress Late 09-Now
    Here are pics from the thread above when I got started training DC, weighing 172 at 5'5
    - I DID NOT stick to a DC program the ENTIRE time. But the main thing I made sure I focused on at all times was progressive overload.

    From last Saturday (7 weeks out from my first show - 176lbs) So I've gained 4 lbs in a couple years jk
    Just turned 23, I think my tan was much better before though

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    Lookin good bro.

    Howd you progress on your diet?
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      Originally posted by theroymccoy View Post
      Lookin good bro.

      Howd you progress on your diet?
      Well from the first pics I decided to get fat (errr I mean "bulk") and I did get up to around 210-215lbs. Which was probably pushing it a bit too far lol.

      Now I'm around 2450 calories, 300 protein, and 5 20 minute sessions of cardio per week.


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        awesome progress man!
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        I'd rather be dead then be average. :soapbox:


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          great progress!

          For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.
          1 Timothy 4:8


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            GREAT STUFF


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              You look awesome. How much in ur bulkin season you think you gained on DC training? Also do you do the dc training to a T or abit differnat?