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  • Dropsets

    Do dropsets really allow more muscle fibers to be stimulated or are they the same fibers being hit again? I remember Paul Borresson talking about them in an old interview as something that exhausted many more fibers, but I never knew if he was bullshitting.

    I always wondered this with regards to Trevor Smith. Was it the massive heavy weight progression, the forced reps and dropsets, or was it both?

    Thanks guys

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    Simple answer is yes because if you compare the avg amount of weight used on a straight set using the same intensity it's higher, and so is the time under tension. it kind of works like rest pausing where you rest, fatigue the muscles fibers, then keep going. The problem is you need partners to strip the weight, so if you train alone you can't really do it. It works, just like a lot of other methods. I used to use them a lot for auxiliary work. Works well bu tlike anything you can't keep using it over and over
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