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  • a little motivation for everyone

    Just wanted to drop by and share some before and afters with everyone.

    first off, a little about me. my name is Cory and im 23. i lurk here quite a bit, never posted much tho. im happy to consider skip a good friend of mine and be able to hang out at armbrust pro gym and shoot the shit with him about his big yellow tractor and all his other mid-life crisis purchases.

    i have worked with skip diet wise, we worked together for a little over a year and i can honestly say this transformation would not have been possible without him.

    i just competed in the northern colorado last weekend and couldnt have had more fun doing it.

    so, nice to finally introduce myself. i hope these pics give a little motivation to someone out there who may need it.

    ps my screen name is a long story about when i went to jr nationals with skip, it involves him, his wife, me, and a rubber banana LOL



    Evolution by Force.

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    Whoa...amazing transformation, man. Inspirational. I've never been short of motivation, but this just makes you proud of what one can accomplish.
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      Wow that's amazing. Lots of hard work and dedication right there


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        Outstanding transformation, congrats!
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          Great transformation. Keep it up! I competed in my early 20's, but let life get in the way. Two years ago I made my comeback and had a similar transformation. It's amazing how positive mental changes follow the physical. Keep everything in balance and don't let yourself get off track like I did. The thing you have that I didn't is a good support system. You can't go wrong with Skip and being in a gym like Armbrust. At your age and with the mental toughness it took to get where you are at your potential is off the chart. Again, great job! Hope to see more post from you. At 23 you probably could teach a lot of us old dogs some things.
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            PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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              Well done to you both...amazing what can happen when you execute Skips plan..
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                congrats on the huge transformation!!! Keep hitting it hard bro!
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                  wow the most impressive thing about this is the lower back/love handles and man boobs. I was fat as a kid and those two things stayed on me even to this day...


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                    That is very cool man. You have done alot of changin my friend, stay at it
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                      Great job, Cory. Congratulations!


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                        That is a mind fuck.................Wife looked over and feels the same.

                        Congrats on the progress!!!

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                          Great job bro, Keep it up!
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                            Amazing and inspirational. If I could get down to 1/2 of what you've got in that amount of time I'd be one happy dude. Your before pics look too much like me now, sheesh. Congratulations, seriously.


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                              Very motivating and inspiring.. don't stop now!