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    I was just curious if other people react the same way to juice. Before I started ever using AAS i would consider myself a good natural lifter. but it seems now it is just so hard to make the gains naturally (even if i get out of shape and just trying to gain some back). they seem so small. and sometimes i'm weaker, sometimes stronger. Seems like i pretty much just stay the same. Perhaps this is just because my expectations of myself have changed. Im not really sure.

    What surprises me is that I have such a hard time gaining naturally but when i add a TINY bit of steroids i start to explode in growth and lean out tremendously at the same time. it is like a total opposite.

    I guess this kind of like being cursed and blessed at the same time. I just wish i could do better for myself while i'm natural--off cycels. as i'm not that big of a juicer.

    i know alot of people say juice isn't a magical supplement but it sure seems to be like that for me.

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    It certainly does not work like that for everyone. Consider yourself fortunate, bro.


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