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primo tabs..?

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  • primo tabs..?

    Does anyone have idea if the tabs are worth it or are we better of staying with the primo-acetate shots..? Thanks
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    I like the tabs as part of a pre-contest stack but if they are the 5 mg ones you need to swallow a whole stack of the little phuckers. I usually swallow 20 (100 mg) ED.

    Havent tried the primo acetate shots but recall this drug had a cult status when it was commercially available (made by Schering).

    Suggest the inj version could achieve the desired result with less overall dosage.

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      Primo tabs vs primo injections are going to lose everytime. The tabs do work well there is no doubt about it but the cost , availability, and the concentration they come in sometimes limit the usage of them. The older schering 25mg primo tabs used to be the bomb but they are expensive and are harder to come by than the injection. Now idf we are talking about some UG lab then I would have no idea because I do not trust UG labs. But if we are talking legit primo and I would have the choice between the 2 I would go with the injectable every time.



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        its too bad you wont find any legit primo tabs at a reasonable price.
        in fact, they only place thye're made nowadays is south africa i believe and the price tag is ridiculously high!

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