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  • T-bombs

    I'm 17 and i am goin to start taking t-bombs in about a week. I would like to know if anyone here has tried them and if they work.

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    They might provide an advantage, but you are blessed with a much greater one: your age. Your own test. is (as you've probably noticed) got you "raging" pretty well right now.

    If you train, eat and sleep properly, I don't think the T-bombs will do anything for you. However, they might do a nice job of shutting down your own endogenous test. production.

    Do you have a plan to take care of that?...

    More importantly, how are you lifting, eating, etc.?...

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    The Book Has Arrived!

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      bump that -- you have so much natural test right now bro, guys my age try to achieve your test level. ride it our like homonun says. train, eat, eat, train, sleep, sleep and you'll grow more than any supp can do for ya.

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        bump to both.

        Plus have you considered what you're going to run PCT.

        1-test is no joke. Save it for another day.


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          You can pack on a good amount of muscle without that stuff. I haven't touched the stuff, just put all your money towards food and such and you to can be In-Human some day.

          Eat 2x your bodyweight in protein, with mod carbs and fat and you'll grow like a weed.
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            YEah bro listen up cause you will be slowing down your long term potential.

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              I made the same mistakes in the past when I was 17 and did what you did, no bad side effect from it, but no real good effect from it either, just save your money. I wish I had someone back then to slap me upside the head and tell me eat instead of looking for a magic pill.
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