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2 good tips that works good for me..,

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  • 2 good tips that works good for me..,

    Now neither of these products I have anything to do with--just wanted to pass it on; protein I love for this simple reason---ITS ABSOLUTLY TASTELESS--soooooo,when I go for my post workout drink I mix it with grape juice--thus I get like 100 grams of carbs and 80 grams of protein in 1 large drink--see,I have the flaovered protein powders but mixed with juices,the vannalia or choc sucks.And I ,d rather drink juice than milk.And allthewhey protein is so smooth it mixes so easy and all you wind up tasteing is the juice you pick---I know I sound like an ad--but--wanted to pass it on.
    the other thing is my cardio machine--I really need to do cadio especially for my high bp,and being on gear like d bol and fina my legs cramp up so much,so running is out--and i only workout at home--so here it is---ya know that gay looking guy you always see on info commercials with the cap and long ponytail? yep,thats it,Tony Little,s Gazelle!!!I know,he,s funny an all and i never really paid attention till some one told me about it--you know the machine--you stand on it and move poles back and forth--his latest one now has a device to put it at 3 different strentgth levels--ater 2 momths i,m still on level 1--anyway,I put it in front of my tv and do 20 to 30 mins.,--its a TOTAL CARDIO WORKOUT!!!GREAT!!! really does the trick--its silent,heavy and like i said,great.
    ok, enough,just wanted to pass on what was passed on to me--thanks.

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    tugs did you ever try mixing your protein with water?? some protein powders taste great just with water.

    as far as the gazelle're the second guy on this board that has/uses one. we'll see if he's man enough to admit it also. j/k!