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    Hey guys, new to the board.
    I am EXTREMELY insulin sensitive, and tend to hold water/fat on a higher carb diet. I respond very well to a high fat/protein diet (palumbo/keto), and get lean/hard on it, but hate the flat look. I was thinking about only taking carbs in after training (haven't been doing so for a long time cause of the "Palumbo/keto rules"). What do you guys think? What type and how many grams. My goal is to simply look full/replenish glycogen...not for energy, as the high fat works well for that purpose. I am 5'9" 230, at 10-11 % bf. I want to get down to 6-8 %. How many calories/ratio of macros would you guys suggest given my situation? Sorry for the on slaught of questions...just figured this board has some experienced people to get advice from. Thanks.

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    Welcome, bro. I think I recognize your query, no?


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      yup, your board is awesome skip


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        Not counting green vegetables, which I do not count as carbs, have you tried limiting your carb intake to GOOD complex carbs - long grain brown rice, oats, yams, small baby red potatoes?

        The time I try and spike my system in IMMEDIATELY after a workout with whey protein isolate, dextrose and either blueberries or strawberries.

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