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  • List your injuries here

    Over the past 29 years Ive been training with weights I have had a few injuries and medical condition directly related to training.

    here's my list:

    Separated AC joints
    Acute tendonitis in brachialis
    Dislocated wrist
    Pulled groin
    Inflamed Siatic nerve
    Torn illial tibia ban
    Detatched retina
    Gyno- surgery for removal
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    C's List-

    lateral epicondylitis (right arm)
    ganglion syst (left wrist)
    torn flexor tendon (right ring finger)
    inflamed siatic nerve (left side)
    Diverticulosis (sigmoid colon)
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      Chronic sublexation of the left shoulder (2 surgeries)
      broken left pinky toe
      broken left pinky on hand
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        These are all from sports related training:

        Boxer's fracture
        broken ankle bone
        hairline fracture right arm
        dislocated shoulder
        shattered nose
        arthritis begining to show
        several sever sprains; ankles, wrists and knee's
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          none so far-Knock on wood

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            hair-line fracture on right wrist (from baseball of all things)
            shoulder injury- I don't recall the terminology, but I could barely move my arm for several weeks (it is acting up again right now, probably due to military presses)
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              From playing hockey and football
              cracked ribs
              dislocated knee (3x)
              broken finger
              From lifting
              Tendon damage in the shoulder (required surgery)
              Chronic tendonitis brachialis
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                I'm knocking on my head...I mean wood..I'm lucky so far..for an old fart! or older fart.
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