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  • how many if any

    of you use a cheat meal once a week while dieting for a show?? the reason I ask, is because I have always dieted strictly and never came close to cheating on a contest diet...well, this past saturday I had to cure my curiosity. during my 40 minute drive home I had a double quarter pounder w/cheese a big mac lg fri, 2 apple pies and a large lemonade. one hour later I had a good amount of chicken alfredo. sunday afternoon I went to the gym and coulden't believe how I looked!people were staring at me cuz I had veins flying and was really full! I weighed myself this morning and am down 1.5 pounds more then I expected? I'm just afraid to do it again! any thoughts...skip (well I 'll prob. pm you about this anyway)


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    I've done it, I think it depends on your metabolism and how strict you are the rest of the week. I only did it like every 2 weeks but seem like everytime it actually boosted my metabolism more because I would drop more weight.
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      this last precontest run, I did cheat meals with desert once a week.

      seems to help my metabolism and helps keep me full and energized during the hardcore diet the rest of the week.

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        i experimented with it during this precontest diet i've been doing for the last 5 months (this saturday its over!) and when i first tired it 10 wks out, i had pizza with cheese sticks and a slice of dulce de leche cheesecake...the next day i looked like a bull...hard and freaky..

        then i went into the all day shitload route..and that worked even better for me...i tried it every 2 wks then i did it every sunday til 2 wks out....and it made so much better..rite now im trying to hold on to this condition til saturday...

        not everyone can run all day cheat all depends on the athlete (metabolism)...

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