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  • Hi guys/gals...

    Just wanted to check in with you all.

    I started traing under DC about 2 weeks ago. It just seems like I'm too beat to mess around on the computer. I used to workout 5 days a week and I had the energy to post all night.

    With DC I'm working out 3 days a week and BEAT, going to bed early - even on off days.

    I'm loving the program. Each time I hit the gym I feel like it's my BEST workout EVER.
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    JW, Even I have been sleeping more on this program, it really does sock the energy right out of you, but it packs on the mass too.

    Good luck with your training...
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      Congrats, JW. :showoff: Good to hear things are going well for you. Now go take a nap!
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        Hey JW..nice to see you ...thought maybe you fell off the planet or something! Glad you are enjoying your new program.
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          I've been feeling fairly exhausted myself jay...I've just started a new training program too and it's kicking my ass. lol.

          The funny thing is I'm exhausted but I just can't wait to get back into the gym to kick some more ass.
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            I hear ya buddy! Since going onto his program, I've gotta drag myself outta bed to spend some time on the 'puter

            It helps when I'm in the office - cause home = dialup and work = T-3

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