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    Guys I just wanted to see if you will welcome my training partner curtis bryant to the board and to TEAMSKIP. Some of you might know him he has been on a roll as of late with a LWH and overall win at the alantic states in NY, 3rd at the nationals 2003, HW and overall at the bodyrock 2004, and then last weekend 5th in the LHW at the USA's.

    Just a back ground about him he is the most hard working bodybuilder "I no" works 40 hour weeks plus overtime as a pipe welder take care of 2 kids and just plan busts his ass 27/7. Great guy to work with as some of you might know like gerryT and I am not saying this because he is one of my best freinds but his time is comming very soon as the next pro.

    He has the thickness to take it to just about every LWH out there "right now" Most of the top guys have turned pro and I see him as next in line. never shows up out of shape and for that matter he is never out of shape.

    He has done all he can with my help and others but I have talked to him and skip and its time he starts having somebody like skip in his pocket. We start training for he nationals monday and are going to really work on bringing up the hams and calfs to match his quads more.

    He will be rejested this weekend so please give him a warm welcome to IM as I know you guys will anyway.

    SKIP Its show time baby hair and all LOL

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    Welcome to the board Curtis and Skip is the man to get you ready for anything, oh Pumped, remind Curtis to bring some food for the board, thanx...
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      Welcome, Brother. FYI, I think you should have been at least 3rd last weekend. I have *no* idea how the guy who took 4th beat you (well, I have some guesses, but they don't have anything to do with how his physique compares to yours...).

      Keep bangin' away, man. You WILL get there.

      The Book Has Arrived!
      The Book Has Arrived!

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      2009 NPC Mr. Arizona HW & Overall, Jr. Nationals HW 16th, Smoked at USA's


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        Welcome Curtis, you're in good hands with skip and I can't wait to see the results show for it.
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          Welcome bro. I remember seeing your pic from when Pumped posted it over at PM sometime last year. Stay motivated and you will achieve your goal.
          Train like a freak, every time.


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            Welcome Curtis!

            Pumped - I remember you talking about him quite a bit.

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              he is the real deal!
              RIP my friend -KidRok


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                welcome curtis!
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                  Welcome Curtis.....this is the place to be!
                  (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

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                    Curtis is pro material and with PUMPED and Skip in his corner, he should turn pro either at Nationals or next year for sure.

                    Had the leasure of speaking with him, and he is a real nice guy besides being a top athlete. He will go far in this sport.


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                      Welcome Curtis! Glad to have you with us!
                      "Well done is better than well said"



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                        great job bro at the USA look forward to see the changes you make for the Nats, welcome and good luck bro