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cardio?? 2 shows back to back

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  • cardio?? 2 shows back to back

    ok, this is my first time doing 2 shows back to back 7 days of tomorrow i'll be 8 days out and i plan to do my last cardio session this saturday coming up which will be exactly 1 wk out from the first show...

    my question is, do i do cardio after the first show or just rely on the diet to keep my condition for the show that week later...

    i need to know since i've never done 2 shows so close to each other...thanks guys

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    I would just rely on the diet mate. Only use cardio if you dont manage to control your bingeing after the first show and need to get back down to a state of depletion.

    Not saying that you would of course...........

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      You should drop cardio when you drop leg training, a week to 10 days out. If you've got your bodyfat down and your metabolism is racing you will not need cardio for that in-between week. You can easily maintain with diet, thermos and POSING!
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