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  • TP Soup BABEEEE!

    Well, as I was thinking that I needed to eat again before heading out to see some bone-crushing rock bands tonight, I had nothing defrosted and didn't feel like mixing another can of tuna or just doing a protein shake. As I looked around my kitchen I spotted the box I got the other day from True Protein that had my MRP hi-protein soup in it. I ripped that baby open, grabbed the Roasted Chicken with noddles, put it in the mixing cup with about 10oz water, nuked it just over a minute, let it sit a few minutes and started to dig in. It smelled good before I got a spoon to it and I'll tell ya what, that stuff was good! Just ask my wife, (as she rolled her eyes at me), she knows when I enjoy my food as I tend to dribble soup down my beard and on my chest I go into such a feeding frenzy with some foods.
    TP, ya got the MRP's right!!!!
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    glad to hear it thanks!
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