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Dynabolon, how to run it?

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  • Dynabolon, how to run it?

    I am fixing to add Dynaboln into the mix of things. Normally I run testex cyp, Mon, and Thur. I plan on taking 4 amps a week of Dynabolon. It is fast acting. Do I need to inject it eod, or can I inject 2 cc's every Mon and Thur. along with my cyp? What do you guys think?

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    from what I have read on it twice a week will be fine


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      Here's some reading material in case you haven't seen it

      Generic Name: (Nandrolone Undecanoto)

      Along with Anadur, Deca-Durabolin, and Durabolin, this is another steroid containing the substance nandrolone. Dynabolon is a favorite among athletes since it brings good results with few side effects. Although it is often compared to Deca, its effect is milligram per milligram stronger. The reason is that it is slightly androgenic with an anabolic effect, thus it strongly promotes the protein synthesis. The increased androgenic component helps the athlete achieve a good strength increase and an accelerated regeneration. Those who have had good results with Deca will usually respond even better to Dynabolon. Athletes report a distinct, quickly effective, solid gain in muscles, which goes hand in hand with a significant gain in strength. The increase in body weight and the improved strength are the result of the water retention in tissues and joints. Dynabolon does not strongly aromatize in dosages below 4 ml/week. Dynabolon is effective for 1-2 weeks, thus requiring more frequent injections than Deca. Bodybuilders who work with this compound usually inject it twice a week. The minimum dosage is 2ml/week. A weekly dosage of 4 ml (equal to 322 mg) is usually sufficient for most athletes to achieve satisfactory results. This requires the injection of 2 ml (equal to 161 mg or 2 ampules) twice weekly. Higher dosages would certainly bring even better gains but often go hand in hand with distinct water retention. Such dosages also aromatize so strongly that anti estrogens must be taken to maintain the quality of the muscles. Women do well with 1 ml/week and rarely show virilization symptoms if the compound is not taken for more than six weeks.