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here's my 2x wk workout-check it out and let me know,please-thanks

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  • here's my 2x wk workout-check it out and let me know,please-thanks

    I only workout at home and,I only have a power rack,bench(no leg extensions) and numerous bars and weights;
    All sets have a warmup before.

    ----- WORKOUT A-----
    BENCH- 2 sets 6reps heavy weight with a rest/pause for ea rep.
    CLOSE GRIP BENCH-2 sets,8 reps ea,last set fail then 2 more
    SEATED MILATARY-3 sets,8 reps ea.
    SKULL CRUSHERS-2 sets 8 to 10 reps ea
    SIT UPS-2 sets,15reps with dumbell on chest

    ----rest 3 to 4 days---

    -----WORKOUT B-----
    PULL UPS-palms facing in,weighted belt, 2sets, 6 ea
    EZ BAR CURL-2 sets,8 to 10 reps
    HAMMERS- 2 sets,8 to 10 reps
    SHRUGS-2 sets 8 to 10 reps
    20 REP SQUAT--1 set(rest/pause routine)

    -----rest 3 to 4 days----

    ps.,all sets have enough weight on them so that there done to failure.

    3 day of 20 to 30 min cardio

    thats it!!!!what do you guys think???

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    looks good to me Tugs...I think you are on the right track. As time goes on you can experiment with different exercises, sets, reps, etc.
    I recommend changing up a workout routine alot....the body tries to adapt to each workout, so it is a good thing to change it up pretty often.
    Once you get a little more advanced, and possibly buy more equipment, you can have say, 5-6 exercises per muscle group-and on the day you train that muscle group just pick 3-4 and go from that.

    I gotta say I am really impressed with you attitude and enthusiasm. I believe you stated before that you are above 50 years in age, using HRT, and just got started training recently.

    It is too bad more people your age don't do exactly what you are doing bro.....the benefits are priceless!!
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      Looks solid tugs. Do you have an incline bench? If so I'd throw in a couple sets of inclines. Otherwise you could simulate the effct on upper pecs with pushups with your feet up on the bench.
      You may also want to throw in some "extreme stretching" movements after each bodypart. I've recently done this and love it! (I've never been an advocate of stretching either)
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        Thanks,yea--being 'on'/off(800 test e,150 fina eod,and 50 dbol ed) and working out these past 2 yrs has UNBELEIVABLY without a doubt the greastest change in my life--all my colleauges and friends look at me(none of them w/o) and keep saying--'man,you got so big! what are you doing? bla bla bla.., its really great--also ,my libido is like it was when i was 18!!!!anyway..,
        the one thing i was thinking about adding was on squat day,before my squats i would do 1 set of 15 stiffleg deads--more back work--what do u think?
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          I like it for the most part. Goto get creative with your exercises and change it up here and there.
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            tugs everything is looking pretty good. i suggest just like everyone else that you get some other exercises in mind because you'll need to change things up fairly frequently.

            Try doing some incline chest work like KR suggested. If you've only got a flat bench that you use in the rack then put something underneath one end to make it incline.

            Keep an eye on your shoulders, if you start seeing your shoulder lag behind or start to hurt you'll need to start doing some direct shoulder work. If you have dumbells you could do side/front lateral raises, rear delts.

            I'll think of some more exercises for ya later.

            Keep up the good work!!


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              There are some great replies here Tugs.
              The only thing I have to add is that I don't see much for Back exercises except the pull-ups. I'd add in some bent-over DB rows and/or bent-over BB rows. Use a wide grip on the BB rows to widen that back of yours and close grip to thicken your rhomboids and middle and lower trapezius. Good luck bro!
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