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Congrats to Rusty Jeffers..AZ Product

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  • Congrats to Rusty Jeffers..AZ Product

    Way to go on 2nd in the supers at the USA. He's been plugging away forever. Now's the time to get some press and get the procard next year. The superheavy class is getting worse and worse. I mean all things considered. Another AZ boy kicking some ass. I would like to see him do the Master's Nats. It would be cool if we had a central place to train once a week or month like Gold's venice, in AZ. It would be good for photo ops etc. Awesome job to Jeffers and everyone at the Arizona last week.

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    Very cool.
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      I thought Rusty was from Colorado??


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        Rusty, IMHO should have WON the Supers. Cook, just did not bring in the conditioning that he needed to take the class (or get his pro-card).

        We saw Rusty at the Gold's on Flamingo on Sat, doing a photoshoot. he didn't recognize us and we didn't recognize him - he's shaved the head and the 'stache.

        Great guy.

        Skip, he's living in Phoenix, now, but could (?) be from Colorado originally?... (I know he's been in AZ for a while, though...)

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          At least 15-20 years in matter he's finally there.He competes year after year. I have never seen someone so dedicated to the bbing lifestyle and a good family guy.