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  • Broken Record Rant

    I hate to rant about this because I've seen other threads about the same thing but pisses me off to be asked if I take steroids? I'm not bragging or nothing but I've really busted my ass in the gym year after year dragged my self outta bed every morning and hit the gym, hell one year me and my partner even got up on Christmas morning worked out and got home before the wife and kids woke up. When their eating junk food,smoking, drinking...I'm passing on dessert,eating clean year after year...steroids f**k I wish they were never invented then what would they say....I don't know if I feel better now or not, thanks for listening anyway....
    The older I get the lighter the weights used to be...........

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    If it helps, then rant.

    If my mom asks me if I'm eating one more time, I'll scream!!
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      It's worse actually hearing someone say...."He looks like that b/c he is juicing!" If I hear one more person say that I'm gonna bash their...shit, calm!

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