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Strongman comp sat - tips would be nice

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  • Strongman comp sat - tips would be nice

    I am doing a novice strongman event in sat - not worried about the weights - but some technique tip would be nice

    The events are

    Tyre Flip - a tractor tyre
    Van pull - feet secured and pull on a rope
    Sand bag lift - bags of 50, 75, 100, 125, 150kg onto platforms
    Deadlift (for lots of reps as its 150kg)
    Farmers walk
    Wook cutters walk - 75kg sandbag in a bear hug grip
    van tow - I know to keep low like a line man driving forward - which is handy as I was a nose tackle.

    Any tips hints - really appreciated


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    I wish I could help you but my strongman experience is limited to ESPN. I hate to steer you away from this site, but if you stop over to professionalmuscle they've got a strongman forum that's got some people that should be able to help you out.

    Good luck this weekend and give us an update.


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      Its okay - I have gotten a few tips, and those hours spent watching world strongest man will be pressed into service.

      Of course I will tell y'all how I did


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        KR didn't jump in?
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          Originally posted by KidRok's Lady
          KR didn't jump in?
          for strongman? No don't really have any tips......cept "make sure you lift lots of heavy things", but I'm sure you already know that!

          Sweaty's bud Sgt Rock does these I believe, but I haven't seen him on here in awhile.
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            Okay - I came last
            I scored 15 points - the points were 5 - 1st, 2nd - 4, 3rd 3, 4th -2 all others 1 point and 8 events.
            The points spread was, 33 - 1st, 20- 2people joint 2nd, 19- 4th, 17 - 5th, 15th - 6th - the winner was ahead by a long way, but the rest of us were very close - a bit of better technique and every one of us could have been in a different place.

            Had a great day that started at 4:30am a 430 mile round trip, and got home at 8pm - I recommend strongman events for atmosphere - so much more friendly than any bodybuilding show I have ever been too.
            Every competitor urged each other on, and my proudest moment was getting the 125 kilo sandbag on the platform having dropped it repeatedly and just before the time limit -

            If you get the chance - definitely give it a go!


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              Hi Quietly...

              First off, HUGE CONGRATS for having the stones to go out there and compete...I wish I'd have read your post before today, maybe I could have gave you some pointers but I guarantee you learned more by competing than I could have told you in a week of posts-
              You know, the thing is each of these contests are so with the tire flip....I used different techniques depending on the weight and the grip points....I've been in contests where we used a 600 lb tire, and I've been in ones that used an 800+ tire....some have treads deep enough where you can grab the treads, others you have to get real low and grab from the heavy were the farmers?....I bet you figured out real quick to move as fast as you can so you can complete the event before your grip fails....and I agree, it's like everyone there supports their brother and sister competitors...coz really, you are competing against the events and yourself, testing your limits.......and good luck in future WILL get better and better the more you compete...the real key is to work the events into your regular workout routine, and practice each event once a back yard used to have multiple tires, logs for pressing, a 200 and 300 lb stone for lifting, heavy dumbells for the farmers, and we had a harness that NYC window washers use when they clean the windows on the skyscrapers...we'd hook a rope up to it and then the other end we'd tie onto a truck bumper to do the truck pulls...the neighbors were pretty cool and the'd come out and watch while me and my buds would practice...they never complained about all the implements laying around the back yard so I reckon they didn't mind too much....Again, GOODONYA BIG GUY, you should feel proud!


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                Thanks for that,
                I had done zero practice or event specific training so I was really glad to complete every event and I didnt disgrace myself in any one of them.

                You are right I learned so much in that one day, the farmers were meant to be 40kg - but they were more like 70 and were really unbalanced beer barrels with a rope or handles to grip - I got 80 meters, a turn every 20.

                The tyres were just tractor ones - I cant say the weight but it felt like i was lifting 200lbs and the tread was gripable but quite smooth.

                What I am going to do is drop a line to somone I know who trains with a WSM competitor and see if I can hook up with them to do a day of specific training once a month, as I dont have the yard for gear (and my neighbours would be very very disapproving - they called my landlord once because the grass was long at the front, - my mower broke when I went to do it so I had to wait till pay day to sort a new one) and its tiny too.

                Meanwhile its back to the diet and the bodybuilding, I still have a show to do next year

                After the way I feel today I am definitely going work in the moves and events as Its the first time I have been truely sore in my upper body, and I train really hard day day out and always recover dead quick - today I feel like someone beat me up.

                I have a skinned pinky, and my right wrist is quite obviously slightly sprained - like I noticed yesterday - lol - and I have some sore muscle I didnt know could get sore.

                SGT: next time I decide to do this I will drop you a line with the events - as the tips I managed to glean really helped



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                  QDI - I agree with Sgt Rock, congrats on competing!! I know for sure that you will finish in a higher placing at your next meet. This was purely a learning experience for ya.


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                    Congrats Q!
                    It feels good just to go out and compete regardless of where you place doesn't it?
                    "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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                      It was really nice to feel no pressure to do well - definitely,
                      and I definitely see more meets in the future.


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                        Good stuff QDI. I'll bet you had tons of fun. I would love doing one of those things one day.
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                          What organization put on the event? I'm looking for something similar in my area.


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                            It was just a local event organised in Leicester here in the UK - it was run ostensibly by the council and Saffron Lane Sport Centre Gym.
                            In fact it was the work of Nathan who works there with some help from his dreadlocks and a few people

                            Where are you based (in the US or UK) and I will do my best to find out where the info for you is or who to mail


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                              I'm based in the US. I'm in the SE(Georgia specifically). I'm looking for something around that strength level. I know i'm not ready for something on the order of 600-800 lb tires and 600lb deadlifts for lifts. Just looking to get some experience while i keep building my strength up.