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Anadrol vs. Dbol

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  • Anadrol vs. Dbol

    I'm finishing up my 5th week of 50 mg a day of anadrol and didn't get the results I had hoped for. Strength didn't go up as much as expected. I've used 50 mg a day of dbol from the same guy and had incredible strength gains and actually had to cut the dose back to 25 mg because the lower back pumps were so bad.

    Anyone here respond really well to dbol but not drol or vice versa???

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    The medicinal purpose of anadrol is for blood disorders (anemia).
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      I have the pink thai's too and they did not work as well as some crappy reforvit. At the end I was taking 14 a day and not really getting much out of it. I was also taking extra L-dex and keeping the water off too-which may have interfered with the pumps.

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        Hey mark, what brands of the dbol/drol were you using?
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          I dig the hemogenons but the dbol these day..stink-O. I have used some Russian that were good though, Pinks do nothing for me. I actuallty prefer not to use oral except for hemogenons for bulking.
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            Originally posted by winnie
            Hey mark, what brands of the dbol/drol were you using?
            For dbol i've used the little pinkies and I*'s. I've had great results from both.

            The drol is also from I*....maybe it's just a batch that was a little underdosed.