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Thanks Fellow IM Brotha's n' Sista's!

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  • Thanks Fellow IM Brotha's n' Sista's!

    First of all, thanks to those who kept me (and Willy and Bellina and Redrocks and big Dave) in your thoughts this weekend.

    It was a great weekend. I got to meet a lot of great guys and very good bodybuilders.

    Willy and I were a bit out of it at the start of the weekend, but finally got to chill more today at the sushi place. Bellina and he are great people (as I had suspected) - the kind that you could just hang with all day and feel totally comfortable. I don't think either of them would mind if Redrocks and I came up now n' again for sushi...

    Dave put on a great posing exhibition, looked awesome (for a short guy... sorry, Dave, had too see if you're paying attention... LOL) and had a great time up on stage. Dave gets a special thanks for hooking me up with some great color and posing oil. I'll let him throw in a plug, if he likes. ;^)

    Redrocks get the trophy for this weekend and then some. She hung with me with my color application, waking at 4AM to shitload on Sat. morning and all of the err... "strangeness" of interpersonal communication with a well prepped (read: on the verge of losing it LOL) bodybuilders on show weekend. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd want in my corner. ;^)

    The overall winner had just taken 10th in the Jr. Nat's in the Heavies and the light-heavy class winner (mine) was making a "come back" of sorts (he placed 2nd in a pro qualifier a few years ago.) Heck, the 4th place finisher (although he should have placed higher) in my class has been doing the nat.'s and USA's since 1995 and came to this show for another NQ so he can continue to do so for the next couple years... (So much for that.)

    The lightweight winner will be at the USA's next weekend (as would have the light-heavy, but he was told only a couple weeks ago that this show would not make him eligible - it would have to be 3 weeks or more *before* the USA's...).

    So, I was happy as hell with what I brought to the stage. My conditioning was on par with everyone in the show, including the overall winner and was most definitely what carried me to my 2nd place finish.

    At the PJ, they lined our class up, made a small move on my end of the stage, and then pulled me from far stage left to the very middle of the stage, right next to the eventual class winner. (At this time, my shit-eating grin appeared and stayed the rest of the show... LOL) We went through our mandatories and I was having a blast. I had practiced my week's show prep the week before and instead of doing a ton of posing, I had done a DC style leg workout (sans water) , which made the PJ seem like cake.

    I got *a lot* of positive comments on my posing, as I do my best to have very smooth, flowing transitions and to stay very tight between poses, especially the mandatores. It seemed to pay off, I think. I was the last or nearly so to hit all my poses. (This was especially helpful in the back shots, as I was the only competitor - I think in the whole show actually - with striated glutes and lats.)

    At the end of the PJ, I was ready for another round of mandatories (we had done them only twice already) - I was runnin' on some major adrenaline and having the time of my life.

    I only spoke with 1 judge after the show. (I actually ENTIRELY forgot about it, as I was helping out Dave get ready to hit the stage and then was scrambling to get out to meet my folks and people who were waiting on me. The dizziness of finally getting some water post-show was also scrambling my brain a bit.) This 1 judge is a competitor (he did Redrock's last show) and said that he and another judge who competes (top 3 in Jr. Nat's last month) both had me in 1st, but they were the only ones. THIS made my day, b/c these were the only two active competitors on the judging panel and they had me winning the show. (I think the notion of how brutal it is to get that lean was fresh in their heads... ;^) )

    So, I'm VERY happy with what I brought to the stage, despite not moving up a class as I had originally planned. Many people noticed that I can improved several bodyparts and even possibly my conditioning over my last show (despite weighing in at the same weight.) I am now NQ'ed until the end of 2006, which gives me some time to move up if I don't feel like I'll be at the weight I need to be to come in as a competitive heavyweight. (I'll figure this out after this week, though - for now, its time to chill a bit. )

    LAST NOTE: I weight 198 at the weigh-ins (acc. to my digital scale), exactly as I had planned given how I drop my water. The next day at 4AM, I was a BONE DRY 189.5, (even lower than the previous week's practice run), which tells me that I *still* have 8 lb or so that I can add and stay a light-heavy, although my dehydration will have to be brutal and/or re-arranged to make a Friday weigh-in. (A thurs. nat level show might actually be easier to be ready for in that sense, as I could re-hydrate and then dry up again.) I still need to be a heavy at my towering height (5'9.5" - a human skyscaper), but that was just another reminder how an athlete can improve and stay in the same weight-class (and probably how I did it over last year...).

    Thanks for reading and thanks for keeping me (us) in your thoughts.


    P.S. Pics will be up ASAP - I only have video for now...
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    The Book Has Arrived!

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    Randy - Congrats on the 2nd place finish. Sounds like you were up against some very tough competition. I talked with BW last night and that's exactly where he thought you'd finish.

    Great job representing yourself and IM!


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      Congrats to ya BIG DAWG!!!!

      Glad to read that you had a blast and you were happy with conditioning and presentation.

      Very cool that those 2 judges had you in first....awesome man!

      Props to ya on the National Qualification bro...congrats indeed!
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        damn you have alot of leftover energy to type all that!!!! lol
        Congrats Randy sounds like it was a great show! As has been obvious for a long time, you know your shit with conditioning and more importantly water manipulation!
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          I am glad to hear that you had a blast Randy. Congrats on the 2nd place finish and the NQ!
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            Congratulations, Randy. You definitely deserve it.

            I really enjoyed the run down also. Can't wait to see the pics.

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              Good job buddy, I know you came in perfect, damn 189...
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                Wonderful news, Randy. Happy for you and proud of you. If Repetrope or another company taped it, let me know. Would be cool to see you in action. We seem to be on similar wavelengths posing wise, and it could make a good visual for my beginners.


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                  Congrats and well done.

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                    great Job Randy and BW lets see some pics of the final prodict!
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                      Congratulations Randy!! SOunds like you were at a tough show!! Oh, and congrats on getting NQ'ed! I'm looking forward to seeing your pics!
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                        Congratulations Randy.....Sounds like you had a kick ass time! Way to go..
                        Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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                          Congrats bro, you got pics?

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                            Congrats man! Looks like you did as you had planned! Sounds like 1st could have went either way! Can't wait to see pics of you and #1 side by side! Again, Congrats man...well earned!

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                              bro check your PMs and call me next weekend I will by you dinner in vagas you have allways helped me so I feel I owe you