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Would an anti-e help?

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  • Would an anti-e help?

    Right now I am dieting down completely clean, okay a little pre-workout eph - but thats my lot.

    I am wondering whether I would benefit from using an anti-e because my bodyfat is still in the high teens/low 20s - depending on my own caliper technique.

    The reason I am wondering is I get very spotty off cycle, whereas on cycle its just a small acne rash as opposed to proper headed spots - and my spots are exactly like my wife spots - when she is on her time of the month! Which I am guessing is a sign of estrogen being a bit on the high side.

    What do you guys think, and if you do think an anti-e would help - which one, remembering funds are limited.

    I am saving up for a proper cycle, and I am letting my body have some months off from the last cutter I did, which worked well (I started near the 30s) but I did feel very battered by the end of 5 months.

    All my blood work is spot on, HTPA etc is all working fine, but I cant get estrogen levels tested as I am in the UK, and its a blood test i have done every year because of family history - I have managed to work in a few extras over the year but cant get that on in!


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    I don't think an anti-e will do anything for you. When you go to the doctor ask about acne meds.
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      acne meds - ?
      Im not botheredby the spots as they are not on my face, not painful - ais it worth the bother?

      Thanks for the reply, I was thinking maybe all my jiggy stuff was causing rather too much estrogen in my system, ah well.


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        the acne is an testosterone related dealeo... oily skin being the end result...
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