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The occasional bad injection

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  • The occasional bad injection leg is aching quite a bit right now. I just shot 200mg of Test Prop and 150mg of Tren in my quad. I had the shakes from my ECA's that I'm taking as well.

    First of all I was having trouble getting any oil to go into my leg and probably tore my muscle up from pushing down on the plunger too hard....secondly the shakes were definitely adding to the truama.

    Then after I finally got all of the oil in I started to get fina cough...luckingly it wasn't that bad.

    Defintely a bummer. My leg is going to be sore tommorrow for sure.

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    some days everything just goes to shit! :grumpy:
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      Sorry to hear that man...
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        Massage the area and take an anti-inflammatory if it gets red, swollen a/o warm. In the future, difficulty getting the oil to go in might mean that you're in a pocket of scar tissue - time for another site...

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        The Book Has Arrived!

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          I hate it when that happens!
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            H-I took a ibuprofen and it helped quite a bit. Today it doesn't feel too bad. Just a little more sore than usual, but not at all bad.
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