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  • whats up everyone

    my comp was down for a few weeks so i havent posted just wanted to see how everyones summer and traing have been going personaly last time i post i had start gh at 3iu a day since that post i have uped it to 5iu a day and started a cycle of 600mg of cyp a week 75mng of fina eod and 25mg var ed

    well i noticed a big dif between the 3 and 5 iu 2 days after i jumped to 5 my hands started hurting and i starteed to get sick pumps in the gym when i had started the first kit i was weighing 218 since then i have done 1 kit about to finish the second and i am about 3 weeks into my cycle and my weight is already up i weighed my self today on empty stomach and i weighd 229.6lbs my diet has been decent not extreamly clean but decent last time i weigh close to 230 i had a sizable gut now i barly have ne gut so im proud of the one thing i noticed is that im holding alot of water with the growth but besides that everything has been great
    **tough times dont last tough ppl do**