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Constantly hurting my back....

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  • Constantly hurting my back....

    Well, I'll give you some background information first and maybe ya'll can give me some insight as to what I should do.

    Hurt my back BAD getting hit from behind about 7 years ago in hockey.
    Hurt my back BAD again when I got rearended in a car accident 5 years ago.

    I've never really done deads much, never worked abs much although I think/thought I had a fairly strong core. Myabe my form is off and I'm just not seeing it. Or maybe my lack of flexibility... I used to be quite flexible, but as I've gotten bigger, I've lost a lot of that.

    Doing SLDL's last night, I pulled something in my lower back and I'm sore again. Being sore after SLDL's and deads is ALWAYS a factor. Even on BB rows my back can get sore sometimes. Now, some "soreness" is good, but this is definately BAD soreness. It feels like when I bend at the waist, I can't support my upper body and that I'm pulling something in my lower back... very uncomfortable and painful at times.

    I'm unsure of a few things... could the reasons be:
    1. Weak core/stablizers?
    2. Bad form?
    3. Lack of flexibility?
    4. Any combination of the above?

    Anyone have any similar experiences or advice?
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    It's could be anything. Check your chiro to make sure you're spine is aligned properly. If it isn't, any small move can lead to an injury or inflammation on the nerves. Next see a massage therapist to work on all your tight muscles to lossen them up.

    Now do deads with no weight if you have to. Re-educate the nerves and muscles in your lower back to work properly again. I went from 35lbs deads to 315lbs deads for 10reps and I had a major back injury. Belt...wear one when going heavy on an exercise that will compress or stress the lower back. Warm up with out a belt so you get the muscles workout...sometimes belts take the stress away from the back which is good in some cases and bad in others (strengthening).

    Don't hyper-extend you back to greatly. Keep you spine about parallel and don't arch too much. That could cause some imflammation to the disk and cause problems.

    ICE ICE time before bed. Use the stinky stuff too.

    Be aware of your posture. Posture is key to keeping a healthy spine.

    Get strong abs...leg raises of a bench work with me. I also flex my abs during the day to strengthen them endurance wise and also to get in the habit.

    When you are stressed, be aware your back is going to feel it. So think about it and cool down.

    Strong legs and glutes also help take some of the strain off the lower back. Stretch legs to keep then from being stiff and effecting the way you walk.

    I think I'm done now.


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      Oh yeah... Green tea.


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        Thank bro.

        I never use a belt... I have one, but I don't use it.

        I'm definately going to start hitting abs hard and probably doing back extensions too....

        I'm seeing a massage therapist tomorrow at lunch and she will be able to tell me if there's more going on with my back than just muscle soreness/tightness/strain etc.

        I use tiger balm on my back when it gets really bad... to help loosen things up. I'm definately going to watch my form and make any adjustments necessary. Might drop deads and SLDL's for a little while so that I can recuperate fully.

        Think that should be good?


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          i feel your pain man. i herniated my l5 disk a few weeks back and it pinches my sciatic nerve. very painful. i have been seeing the physical therapist 3 times a week for about 2 months now and i actually have to go in for an epidural as soon as my insurance approves it. just take things easy. back problems are no fun to deal with
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            Workhorse: Sounds like a plan. Just take everything slow and feel it out.