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Anyone used Adequan - permanant joint healing

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  • Anyone used Adequan - permanant joint healing

    Howdy everyone, been reading with lots of interest various board postings about this product. It's currently, in the US, a vet drug for horses and canines. But it seems to have some very impressive results in permanantly healing joint problems in humans and animals alike.

    I've read some very encouraging reports on other boards but I'd prefer to hear from the folks here if anyone has used it.

    Here's a link to some information for those who aren't familiar with it.

    So anyone out there with some real-world experience using this stuff on their "dog or horse"?

    Thanks in advance. My dog thanks you


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    I used a couple of bottle of it..Really can't give a good or bad take on it..Ever since I started icing my knees they have gotten much better...Better then that stuff is Hydrolonic (sp) Acid..Get that and it does it all for the joints...
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      wondering if anyone has used this or ichon for a slap tear or other cartilage issues? labrum tear? also, any truth that this can give you mad cow disease?