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Anyone read the article in People?

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  • Anyone read the article in People?

    This was actually the May 31st edition. There is an article about Steroids. I got half way through it and had to put it down.

    My girlfriend read it and now she's flipping out about my doings.
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    Nope, but I'm sure it was written by someone who knows nothing about AAS, and is merely regurgitating the same ole crap the media has been spinning for years.
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      Probably full of more one sided bullshit!
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        yes I read it at the doctors office. lol horrible article. All onesided and just pure BULLSHIT. well while reading this article at our baby appointment ( we are having our baby this tuesday) i ask my wifes doctor what he thinks about them etc. first comment from him " well I know how you feel about them" lol so we got into a pretty good discussion and he says they have their place but he hates to see kids use them etc. which i agreed with. pretty much it.


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          LOL, always funny to read or talk to someone who doesn't know shit! I have a "friend" that doesn't know anything about everything =) and damn what he pisses me off when he starts preaching what good and bad for ya.


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            Magazines will put publish any bullshit that will make them some money. It doesn't matter if they're getting most if not all of their "information" from misinformed peoples opinions. They will still print it as fact.
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