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AAS and depression?

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  • AAS and depression?

    I have not taken any steroids yet, but I have been reading these discussion boards for years and it seems like depression and mood fluctuations caused by steroids (and coming off) don't get discussed a lot. Maybe because it isn't a big deal, I don't know. I have learned how you combat physical side effects like gyno, high cholesterol, acne etc. but I haven't given much thought to depression until lately. So, I am wondering what your experiences have been with any mood fluctuations during the juicing process. If you have ever experienced these, do you think it is a big deal? Or is it one of those side effects that the one-percenters get? Any personal experiences you are willing to share would be great.

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    My take on it is if you are prone to mood fluctuations and depression without AAS you may, and I repeat may, experience more pronouced fluctuations while on. Same goes for the whole anger issue with some of the heavy androgens. If you have a nasty temper, juice may make it worse.

    For me, I seem to feel more upbeat and outgoing while on. When coming off I can get a little testy, pun intended. But after the initial hormone shift, I'm right back to normal.


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      I think its a vicious cycle based on losing your gains after a cycle, directly after my first cycle I went right into football camp and lost a good deal of weight just from the sheer physical stress... so combined with coming off I saw a lot of my gains slip through my fingers. I started to eat constantly to try to make up... only making me fatter... I started being more self concious about the way I looked and didn't even want to work out because I thought it was pointless. I blame this bad experience on 1)the immediate and severe post cycle stress and 2) les than adequate PCT. However, I have solved that problem. I have been "off" for about 7 weeks now, and with proper PCT, training(DC) and nutrition, I have miraculously continued my gains naturally... and I feel great. It's all about the PCT, NEVER SKIMP and you'll be cool, and in a position to not only keep those gains and your mental health, but even make progress.
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        This is a really good thought. I tend to agree with Thors opinion that if you're prone to this type of behavior like depression or violence then this might be increased with AAS use.

        I don't have either of these so for me I'm pretty easy going on or off cycle. I might be a little more friendly to people when I'm on because of a greater sense of well-being that I feel.


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          And remember not to let yourself get to wrapped up in your situation. If start to freak out-Remember why and calm down. This is something people don't talk about enough. I see a lot of people flame out during there first cycle. Make sure you are comitted and have your house in order. Don't use during stressful times-begining a new relationship or school or something.

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            I think MM has a point...I have read a little that indicates test supplementation and GH supplementation has a positive effect on mood better sense of well being.

            I don't doubt that extremely high dosages of gear-esp tren and a-50 (these seem to have more reports by users of aggression and irritability) may compromise one's attitude.
            Like Rugby said...if you feel some attitude coming on think about what may be causing it and cool yourself down.

            I have had some friends that got bulletproff during their first cycle or two...that usually comes to a screeching halt when a guy half their size kicks their ass, lol.
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              tren,halo,low carbs and utter depletion the last 4 weeks leave me a "little edgy"-other than that I'm usually pretty laid back on or off........whats off again????
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                Thanks for the replies everyone. Very helpful. I like to think I'm not a dick, and I deal with stress very well, so I'm sure i'll be able to manage any mood fluctuations.