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acid reflux on winny (inj)

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  • acid reflux on winny (inj)

    anybody else ever experience an acid reflux type of condition while running winny (inj) ??

    not sure if calling it acid reflux is the best description but kinda like a near vomit feeling lingering in your throat... and a wee bit of nausea...

    i failed to make the correlation when i started running this winny a few weeks back and it seems to have subsided for me but a buddy of mine that just started up the same winny mentioned it to me and we came to wonder if it is from the winny...

    anybody else ?
    any thoughts ? and if it can be attributed to the winny any thoughts as to the why and any steps to reduce or prevent this feeling ?


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    What else are you running with your winny?


    Has your diet changed at att since taking it?
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      not running anything else with the winny... finished a prop /deca cycle and now just running the winny by itself...

      and yeah diet has changed significantly... much lower fat and cut carbs off relatively early...

      i initialy thought it was just diet till my buddy mentioned it, albeit he is also dieting...