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excruciating hand pain!!

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  • excruciating hand pain!!

    hey, i have been taking gh at 4iu, jintropin, for a while. my hands have been hurting rally bad for the last 2 weeks, and its not getting better. after the first few days i dropped the dose to 2iu for a week. it just got worse, so i stopped it completely last week. it still hurts like hell! they are numb nonstop and thats when they feel good. i cant fully open my hands or make a fist. and it just gets worse. at night they hurt so bad i cant move them, or touch them. its not like they are asleep, its much much worse. i knew there was hand pain sometimes, but i cant unscrew the damn lid to my protein!

    how long does it take for this to go away? i cant sleep cause im in so much pain.
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    i am not a big fan of pain killers but i woudl take some asprin or advil and soak your hands in cold water or pack some ice on your wrist 3-5 x's aday may take up tooa month so this will keep your comfort to a max...try not to do anythign that will cause you to put stress omn your wrist and of luck ..when you start back up only do 2iu's a day...imo
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