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Eating The DC Way/Lifting my Way??

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  • Eating The DC Way/Lifting my Way??

    For the Last Month or so ive been Upping my Protien to 450-500 (im 5'7, About 9% BF, 180ish, 22 Yrs Old.) and Cutting my Carbs to Veggie and Peanut Butter And Shake (Like 9-10 Carbs In It) After 6.

    My Goal is To Get to 200 About 10% BF ASAP!! (I know It Takes Time)

    Ive been Having Good Results This Way. Its only been like 3 Weeks though. do yall think that this much Protien is going to Affect me even though im Liftin Balls to The Wall Heavy??

    also a Side note--- theres Some Nights that i cannot put the Peanut Butter Jar Down and end up Eating Half the Jar (Right Before Bed) I Wake Up Leaner and Drier Looking??

    Thanks for yalls Help!!

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    well i've got some bad news for you. the protein IS going to affect you. it is going to make your gains quicker and allow for your metabolism to speed up dramatically. i'm sorry son, i know this is hard to take, but sometimes life throws you a curveball.

    there are so many things i could say about this also....umm:
    1) are you being trained by DC personally? if not, then not necessarily you are doing the DC eating way, becuase the true knowledge is reserved for clients. so if something goes wrong, and you get fat, don't say DC's diet made me fat. just FYI.
    2) if you are gaining and having good results, then why question it. you may want to surround yourself in the "how" and "whys", but dude, if you are growing, then stick with it!
    3) However, if you want to get big as shit and get there as fast as humanly possible, why don't you cross over to the canine side and join the DoggPound and learn a shit load of info and then kick ass?


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      Thanks for the Info!!

      Id LOVE to Do DC's Program (Just dont have the $$) Im Trying to DO as Close as i can.


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        Originally posted by wildman536
        Thanks for the Info!!

        Id LOVE to Do DC's Program (Just dont have the $$) Im Trying to DO as Close as i can.
        uhh dude he wrote a huge sticky thread in this forum on how to do his training, so i would just do that...and its not like you have to pay him royalties to do his training or something dude its not copyrighted i dont see why money is the issue bro


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          Uhhh dude READ CFP and the stuff that was compiled by some geezer wich has all the info in it. READ THE DOGG POUND

          "Keep your purpose in mind, simply go to the gym and do your workout, do it well and don't worry
          what other people are doing. Confidence will grow as you achieve."

          "If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of
          victory is high, but so are the rewards"