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Anybody here ever play football?

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  • Anybody here ever play football?

    I know this isn't a football board or anything, but have any of you played football in the past, or play football now. I ask as I'm looking for a good type of training, a program perhaps for power, thanks.

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    played all my life...and 1 year in college....was gonna try out for AFL but decided on Bodybuilding instead.
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      I am going into my senior year of college football. I've tried many different routines, from Power Factor "Partials" to Mentzer's brand of "HIT" to a straight olympic/power lifting protocol (not to mention all the bullshit Weider high volume horse poo)... Right now I'm working on the problem of integrating olympic lifts into DC training
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        So at the risk of getting flamed... here;s my Q: can Olympic lifts be integrated into DC? Perhaps back thickness excercises? Also, Because hip/hamstring power is more important for me as a football player, I was wondering if for quads I should stick with just two exercises, one of which being squats, because that is what I will be tested in and those numbers are more important than a hack or leg press... and for back thickness, on a simlar note, would it be permissable to do deadlifts everyother round rather than every three? Again because deads are more applicable to athletic competition than the size of my lats... So I'm not calling into question DC's validity and I know everyone hates the modification mentality, but I have been getting great results from DC but feel the need to throw in some more practical football exercises.
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          for football all i did was your standard pyramid training. 10 8 6 4 with the % of your max. you can tweak it somewhat to your likings, but its gonna be hard to lift weights like a bodybuilder and be able to give 100% on the football field. 2 very touch sports so i would just try and maintain your size and weight till the offseason. then workout hard when football is less grueling.
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            I've gone through football seasons and either not lifted or not lifted seriously, and subsequently lost a lot of strength. However, I have gone through seasons in which I worked out twice a week, very low volume, and saw actual improvement (albeit slow). The trouble is what mike mentioned, how do you work things like squats w/o sacrificing some intensity on the field. Luckily my team does training on sunday and we get monday off during the season so it works out well in that regard.
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              Played a couple years in college (D-II) until they found out I was just enrolled in the school, but didnt really attend to many classes.

              Anyway, a question for you guys playing HS Ball..doesnt your team workout together during the off-season (either before/after school)? We worked out from Jan-Jul up until we started "Hell-Week" in Aug. Of course, there are those that play other sports, but its a hell of a way to build cohesiveness to a team.

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