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Palumbo Busted....

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  • Palumbo Busted....

    Just read on another board that Dave Polumbo was busted for gear. Damn, seems like someone goes down every week.


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    Heckman posted the article in the General Forum. It says he was selling counterfiet GH.
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      Damn not good for the sport at all
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        besides the obvoius,"we are easy targets answer" why all the bust...?
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          Good job I'm natural.....LOL
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            The president and congress are focusing in on steroids and pro-hormones instead of balance the budget or winnin the war in Iraq..... we got men dieing everydat, and they want to talk about performance enhacing drugs...MF'ers
            (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

            That which we manifest lies before us.


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              I agree BS political garbage......

              Honestly I think part of the reason so many guys are getting popped is they have to make a ton of money to compete as such high do that I guess it takes some risk.I can't imagine what these guys spend on gear and other supps, pro trainers and such-wonder how much it costs to have Chad in your corner?.... cost has gotta be in the stratosphere when you total it all up.
              Guess some guys take a chance on selling
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