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  • Ouch!

    Just came home from the gym, I was doing behind neck press in Smith and somehow it started to hurt in my traps, hurts when I move my head to the right, any ideas how to pretect myself from this happening again,

    hurts here (black line)

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    Sounds like a trap pull. Yes the trapezius connects way down the middle of the back. I've done it before and usually need my chiropractor to re-align(which is what usually causes it) me then she does a deep tissue massage on the muscle.
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      Hard to diagnose over the net. Could be a muscle strain, a ligament strain (if pains very close to the spine), or have a neural component related to spinal misalignment.

      I would try some heat at this point and anti-inflammatories (and rest it), for starters.

      BTW, you're lean as HELL in that pic!

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      The Book Has Arrived!

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        thanks for the advises, It has happened before, but when I did deadlifts... I'm gonna rest and try to heat the area..
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          Just lucky you didn't f*ck up your shoulders doing this movement. A friend of mine who has a degree in physiology and is a MONSTER, said that your body is at a HUGE biomechanic DISADVANTAGE (stress on shoulders) when performing any "behind the head" movement like shoulder presses or lat pulldowns. If you feel you need to do them, do them with lighter weight and more reps - we're just not built to do these lifts with heavy weights.

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