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Toronto Pro Show results!

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  • Toronto Pro Show results!

    1.Darrem CHARLES*
    2. Johnnie JACKSON*
    3. Jaroslav HORVATH*
    4. Pavel JABLONICKY
    5. Art ATWOOD
    6. Heiko KALLBACH
    7. Tommi THORVILDSEN
    8. Mike MORRIS
    9. Henderson THORNE
    10. Reza AMIN TORABI
    11. Jeff LONG
    12. Frank McGRATH
    13. Wong HONG
    14. Eric OTERO
    15. Nelson DASILVA
    16. Oliver ADZIEVSKI
    17 Greg RANDO
    17. Istvan HORVATH
    19. Fedel CLARKE
    19. Rigoberto YARZAGURAY
    19. Rudy SOLIMAN
    19. Gian ENRICO PICA
    19. Scott MILNE

    -glad to see Johnnie Jackson way up at the top.
    -Atwood is a mammoth of flesh...amazing!
    -Darrem looked right no...very pleasing!
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    2 of my fav. guys at the top! very cool.

    I'm pulling for JJ to win a pro show soon...
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      man I would've liked to see Frank up there with the rest of the top dawgs. He is seriously going places and he's Canadian too! :p

      Any yes those are 19" forearms