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Slight bruise on my delt

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  • Slight bruise on my delt

    Hey bro's, looking for opinions, I have a slight bruise on my delt after a 2 cc injection, I inject the delts all of the time with no problem, but usually no more than 1 cc in any given injection, I trained shoulders that same night and now 2 days later there is a slight bruise, my question is do you think it is just irritated or could it be an infection? (If so I have some tetricyclen for acne, which is an antibiotic for bacterial infections) will this help? I personally do not think it is infected but just looking on the safe side, and wanting others opinions, Thanks and sorry for the long useless (for you all) post. TX-Muscle
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    My first time injecting my delt I ended up with a nice bruise. I don't think it's an infection bro.

    Perhaps by injecting 2cc's you moved the pin around a bit more than usual and that may have caused it.

    Just keep an eye on it to be safe, but I don't think it's an infection.
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      TX, Its possible you just hit a lot of blood vessels and went right through them, I have had the same problem, just try the front Delt and only go in 1/2" with 1 cc, hope that helps...
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        Thanks bro's, it seems to be going away.
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          Done the 2cc route in the delt before and never had a bruise..But damn..the high BA was a hurting though!
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