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It is time for an intro........Skip's been nagging

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  • It is time for an intro........Skip's been nagging

    Hey people of Intense muscle,

    I guess it is time time step up and start contributing . So here it goes . I am a six foot tall 272 pound 34 year old of italion descent that runs strip clubs for a living. I am currantly 14% with the 7 point caliper measurement and that is without gear for over 8 years and not much training during that time either .[ so I am pretty gifted genetically] Although during the last year and five months I have had several good training runs . In the past ,with gear I have weighed a hard and a soft 293 [ depending on diet and gear at the time]. I played two years of profootball as a 228 pound strong safety and had a record of of 9-0 as fighter in mixed martial arts .[ I have trained and held my own with some of the biggest names in that sport] Injuries finished my football career before it really got started and a painful incident ruined my run at bigtime bodybuilding and mixed martail arts.

    I have known Doggcrap for 10 years[ I also have been close to jason Mueller for 11 years years... I see that some of you knew of him ] and I consider DC to be the most talented mass maker in bodybuilding. To add to that he is a person that I have nothing but love , respect , and addmiration for ...... an amazing person period. The guy has done so much for so many and will eventaully change the way people train forever......we are so so lucky to have him here

    I have also worked with Skip for a three month period , unfortunately family obiligations didn't allow us finish what we started ,so we have some unfinished work ahead of us . I will say this. I feel like Skip is the same type of person as Doggcrap and just as talented when it comes to what he does .I feel like I made a friend when I worked with Skip and I hope to hold on to that forever. Another great human being period.....This board not only has two of the most talented people in the sport, but two of the people with the greatest character as well.

    I have been through a very rough year [ almost unbelievable] but I am still here.......I have trained on and off since I was 10 and have always remained interested in bodybuilding ....and always returned to the gym as well ......At my age, I plan to be back for good....I plan on being on stage by the end of 05 .I beleive I have the knowledge , genetics , and friendships to do quite well. I will enjoy sharing this process with everyone here. I have been lurking since this boards begining and see lots of great people here . I look foreward to getting to know some you and being a positive contributer to the board as well.

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    Hey IAB, seen you around at ProfMuscle, glad you stopped lurking here and will jump into participation mode with the rest of us.
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      Nagging? Who? Me??

      Hey, it worked so.... oh well. lol

      Everybody welcome a solid bro!! If he were standing next to you in bangledesh and neither of you had eaten for a month and flies were landing on your eyes, he would let you at the rice bag that fell from the plane, first. He is just that kind of guy.

      Oh, and when he says he has been through a rough year, this is the biggest understatement I have heard in my 34 years.


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        Welcome many of your posts over @ PM and glad to see you make it over here. From what Ive read/seen..a first class bro...hope you stick around..

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          I just saw this thread.

          I couldn't read much after the strip club note. Got me daydreaming!

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            welcome IAB -- good to have ya,

            so you gotta sandwich you could spare a brotha?
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              welcome bro!