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Why is it Diuretics sometimes flatten people out, and how do avoid it???

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  • Why is it Diuretics sometimes flatten people out, and how do avoid it???

    I know a LOT of people who have had problems with diuretics flattening them out. Im GUESSING it is due to the diuretic pulling water out of the body. Can it actually drain water out of the muscles though? What causes this, and what can be done to avoid this?

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      Mods please excuse this. All im doin is tryin to get this to stop.

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        no problems here buddy
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          Thank u, thats all i ask.


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            yep, overuse of a diuretic like lasix can cause to shed water, sodium, potassium, chloride, etc...its so stron sometimes it can pull the water rite out of the muscles and leave u dry dry, but flat as a pancake...its happened to me before and i had the worst time staying still from all the cramping while in the line-up...Can u believe i had to dwon like 4 bananas and a small teaspoon of salt one time so i could fill out after that, i freaked out.

            so be careful, cause not everyone gets lucky like i did...diuretics is a hit or miss thing...

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              Ummm, why are you using such a strong diaretic right now??
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                diuretics a a big reason why the top dogs get that ultra ripped and finished look,seems it can make or break all the hard work and dieting and trinning by usieng them incorrectly
                how does one keep from cramping up and flattening out when using them ,what is the general rule of thumb when it comes to water intake etc i notice alot of pros back stage with these hugs juggs of water